Assessment Instruments: Design, Development, and Evaluation – BCCE Symposium

Have you designed, developed, and/or conducted an evaluation of an assessment instrument?

Would you like to present your assessment instrument work at the 2022 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education?

If so, then we have the symposium for you!

As there are two assessment-themed symposia at this year’s meeting, we hope that talks focused on the instruments themselves will be submitted to our symposium. Given the continued growth in CER regarding assessment instruments – our symposium is planned to highlight the work that goes into these tools.

Symposium Title: Assessment Instruments: Design, Development, and Evaluation

Symposium Description: Assessment instruments have become ubiquitous within chemistry education. They are used to gauge the impacts of curricular change and understand the relations among student-specific characteristics and course outcomes. As educators and education researchers rely on assessment instrument data to make these and other inferences, the tools must be carefully designed, developed, and evaluated with aspects of validity and reliability of the data being generated in mind. This symposium will bring together presentations about the creation and evaluation of all types of assessment instruments with the goal of informing the chemistry education community about the potential uses of these tools, their limitations, and the evidence that supports the validity and reliability of the data they generate.

Organizers: Jack Barbera & Molly Atkinson