Assistant Director for First-year Research Immersion Program at Binghamton University

The First-year Research Immersion (FRI) program is the foundation of
Binghamton University’s objective of giving every science and engineering
major the opportunity to complete 2-3 course-based undergraduate research
experiences (CUREs, high-impact learning practices), prior to graduation
and at least one CURE early in their college career. The FRI program
collaborates with every STEM department and many offices across campus
utilizing a 3-pronged approach: a) the FRI provides a three-semester
sequence of CUREs for each of ten interdisciplinary research streams for a
total of 300 science and engineering first-year students each year, b) FRI
assists with the transformation of current introductory and advanced lab
courses to CUREs in collaboration with staff and faculty across campus, and
c) FRI runs the Summer Research Immersion (SRI), a sequence of two
intensive CUREs designed for students without research experience. Although
involved in all of these aspects, the assistant director will be closely
involved in the next phase of the FRI program which will involve a greater
focus on program assessment and educational research studies to determine
the features of linked CURE sequences that influence STEM persistence, and
students’ self-efficacy, identity and professional skill development. The
assistant director will play a key role in planning, overseeing and
tracking results of the FRI and SRI programs as well as aid in imagining
future program trajectories such as post-FRI and SRI experiences and
program enhancements, which in turn will assist with overall recruitment,
alumni relations, educational assessment and grant proposals.

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*Megan Fegley, Ph.D.*
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*Director of First-year Research Immersion *
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