BCCE session to discuss "CER at a Crossroads: Where do we need to go now?"

Dear CER colleagues,

The BCCE is just around the corner. For those of you who will be attending, we wanted to invite you to the Monday August 1st morning symposium entitled “CER at a Crossroads: Where do we need to go now?” Our ultimate goals for this symposium are to try and generate meaningful discussion about how we can grow Chemistry Education Research as a discipline and field in terms of producing and promoting high quality CER, and improving dissemination and uptake of research-supported practices. We will focus on the following two questions:

1. How do we work to establish and maintain standards for research and practice to support a growing and diversifying chemistry education community?

2. How do we make the use of effective teaching practices the norm for all chemistry classes?

For each question, we will have three presentations where two members of the community share their expertise that is related to one aspect of the question. We will then have a 20 minute session that will start conversation then gather and share the ideas from the CER community members present. The focus of the sessions arose from a survey that we had conducted through this listserv back in 2019 (thanks to everyone who responded) as we were initially preparing for BCCE 2020. The Program Organizers have kindly scheduled this symposium at the beginning of the week as we hope it will generate many meaningful conversations that you will continue throughout the week with the presenters and with each other. The list of presenters with presentation titles can be found below. We are hoping to share the overall ideas of the community through a future commentary so that the ideas can be shared by all.


Debbie Herrington, Ryan Sweeder, Olivia Crandell

Symposium: CER at a Crossroads: Where do we need to go now?

Presider: Debbie Herrington

Location: WALC 1132

Time: 8-9:30am; 11am-12:30pm

Symposium Talk Titles in Order of Presentation

Moving along the pandemic response continuum from survival towards intentionality

Presenters: Melanie Cooper and Tom Holme

Blurring the lines: Embracing intersectionality within (and beyond) the biochemistry education community.

Presenters: Thom Bussey and Erika Offerdahl

Broadening relevance, dissemination, and impact of Chemistry Education Research.

Presenters: Vicente Talanquer and Peter Mahaffy

Promoting high quality chemistry education research (group discussion).

Presenter: Olivia Crandell


How do we define effective practice in chemistry education and how do we get people to use it?

Presenters Brett McCollum and Greg Rushton

Envisioning an education research community invested in racial equity.

Presenters: Senetta Bancroft and Vanessa Ralph

Changing the conversation around secondary chemistry CER: Creating win-win collaborations among teachers and researchers

Presenters: Ryan Stowe and Ellen Yezierski

Implementing effective chemistry education practices (group discussion)

Presenter: Ryan Sweeder