Call for Abstracts: GC&E Symposium on Assessment of Students' Knowledge of Green Chemistry, Sustainability, and Systems Thinking

Dear Colleague,

This is a call for abstracts from practitioners and researchers for the symposium "Assessment of Students' Knowledge and Skills about Green Chemistry, Sustainability, and Systems Thinking" at the 2022 Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (GC&E). The conference is scheduled to be in-person for June 6-8 in Reston, VA. Abstracts must be submitted by February 14th for full consideration.

GC&E Conference is the longest-running global conference dedicated to green chemistry and engineering issues, with a large attendance of professionals, educators, and researchers interested in transforming chemistry in higher education to address grand global challenges of sustainability.

This symposium is intended as a set of presentations of green chemistry education experts to show the assessment strategies they use to gather evidence of student understanding of green and sustainable chemistry. The focus of these presentations should be on the ways in which an expert would expect a novice to demonstrate their understanding and use of green chemistry principles, sustainability, life cycle analyses, and/or systems thinking. When discussing the assessment efforts, presenters are encouraged to reflect on what does a student performance on reported assessment look like if they "know" or "doing" green chemistry. For presenters with IRB approval, examples of student responses that are illuminating would be welcome, although all interested parties are invited.

This symposium seeks to answer the broad questions: (1) What assessment methods are suitable for the evaluation of green chemistry instruction? (2) What do green chemistry education experts want students to know and do with that knowledge? (3) What evidence from students' performances would convince green chemistry educators that students understand green and sustainable chemistry or systems thinking?

The symposium organizers (Alexey Leontyev and I) welcome abstract submissions from faculty and green chemistry education experts interested in designing assessments for their current courses; chemistry education researchers interested in designing assessments that could be used as research tools; green chemistry experts interested in influencing the design of curricular materials and teachable units. Participants from ACS Green Chemistry Institute's Green Chemistry Module Development Program are encouraged to apply and share their assessment strategies.

Please submit abstracts to MAPS at by February 14th.

Sincerely, Symposium Organizers: Elizabeth Day, University of Texas at El Paso, and Alexey Leontyev, North Dakota State University 

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