chem ed postdoc at MTSU for chemistry PhDs (NSF funded)

We are hiring four postdoctoral scholars to study STEM education research at Middle Tennessee State University as part of a NSF Organizational Postdoctoral Fellows Program, titled PROPS for DBER (Preparation and Refinement of Postdocs in STEM for Disciplinary-Based Education Research). At this stage, we are particularly interested in receiving more applications from chemistry and biochemistry candidates to review until we have completed our postdoctoral cohort. Find out more and apply here! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the available positions.    

The salary is competitive ($70k/year) and there is a lot of freedom for scholars to choose their research focus. There is a wide range of faculty mentors available for the postdocs to work with in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics education housed in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences and affiliated with the Mathematics and Science Education Ph.D. program at MTSU. What makes our program unique is that we are recruiting and designing our program for disciplinary experts (i.e., folks with STEM doctoral degrees) who are interested in making a transition to STEM Education Research.   

The program activities will be tailored to the individual postdoc. As part of the program, postdoctoral scholars and faculty mentors will co-construct a professional development plan which will identify areas of desired development for the postdoc to meet their professional goals. Postdoctoral scholars then can conduct independent research, conduct collaborative research with other postdoctoral scholars, mentor graduate and undergraduate students in research apprenticeships, develop skills in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and/or teach disciplinary classes or STEM education classes. Further, the vibrant STEM education research community at MTSU offers unique networking opportunities across STEM education disciplines with several seminar series and regional STEM education conferences being held at or near MTSU.    

The position has a somewhat flexible start date of August 2024.  


The PROPS 4 DBER Project Team, 

Dr. Gregory Rushton (co-PI), Chemistry Education