CiDER Postdoc Program at North Dakota State University

Do you want to change how we teach undergraduate STEM courses? Are you interested in developing skills in STEM education or discipline-based education research (DBER)? We are recruiting a cohort of four postdoctoral researchers to join us at North Dakota State University. Collaborations in Discipline-based Education Research (CiDER) is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare early career researchers by integrating you into our DBER community, providing mentoring in research and teaching, and helping you build a network of collaborators. Our research interests are interdisciplinary and collaborative, focused on melding diverse theories and methods to progress our understanding of learning further.

We welcome applications from recent graduates in all STEM fields, including those with no or limited experience in DBER. Apply at

Our postdoc positions are housed in Fargo, North Dakota (just a little North of Normal) and have a salary of $70,000 with benefits. Our two-year program begins July 15, 2024.

Applications are due March 11, and we anticipate finalizing our cohort in April.

For more information about our program and our people, please visit our developing website:


Email Jenni Momsen ( or any of our program faculty.