Emory University Department of Chemistry Curriculum Development Postdoctoral Fellowships

Emory University Department of Chemistry Curriculum Development Postdoctoral Fellowships

Job Description

Emory University invites applications for post-doctoral fellows in the department of Chemistry with a 50% research component and 50% effort directed toward curriculum development. These positions are funded in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to transform teaching and learning in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. Two fellowships are available and each successful candidate will partner with a faculty team to develop new introductory level courses and labs. Candidates with expertise in biochemistry and macromolecules, introductory physical chemistry with an emphasis on spectroscopy, or chemical education are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will work with their faculty team to refine an integrated set of learning objectives for the new introductory sequence of courses; develop active and inquiry-based exercises and other approaches to promote an understanding of chemistry's societal relevance and improve student learning and persistence in these courses; develop and implement valid assessments of student learning and faculty practice in these courses; teach or co-teach some offerings of transformed classes; and disseminate work through multiple channels, including scholarly publications, lesson plans for internal use, and a range of activities designed to establish a learning community on campus and beyond.

The Curriculum Development fellows will spend 50% of their effort focused on these chemistry curriculum development activities, and 50% effort conducting research associated with one of the research groups in the Department of Chemistry. We anticipate that the combined opportunities to further develop research skills alongside the development of a strong pedagogical portfolio will ensure that Curriculum Development Fellows are well positioned to secure employment in a competitive academic job market at the conclusion of their post. Positions will be funded through summer 2019.

A doctoral degree in Chemistry with demonstrated excellence in research, experience that demonstrates a commitment to science education, excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and interest in advancing educational innovations to improve persistence of diverse student populations in the STEM disciplines. Familiarity with research literature on teaching and learning, issues related to diversity and inclusion, assessment techniques, or education research in the candidate's discipline will be important.

Applications should be submitted through the following link: https://sjobs.brassring.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_jobdetail.asp?partnerid=25066&siteid=5449&areq=74787br. Further information can be obtained by emailing Dr. Douglas Mulford (dmulfor@emory.edu). @emory.edu>

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