Hiring Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship (IFITS) Assistant Director - Boise State University

Colleagues: There is a great opportunity here at Boise State in the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship (IFITS)! They are hiring an Assistant Director to help provide vision, strategy, and operational support of undergraduate research opportunities and other experiential learning opportunities, especially in the STEM disciplines. This person will also work with faculty to help them grow as inclusive mentors and to include broadening participation activities and goals into their sponsored programs. 

You can learn more about this role & apply by visiting: https://bit.ly/IFITShiring2024


Susan E. Shadle, Ph.D.
she, her, hers pronouns
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Boise State University, MS 1005
1910 University Drive
Boise ID 83725