Interest in Serving as Reviewer for 2017 Noyce Proposal Submissions

Dear Colleagues,

We have begun the reviewer recruitment process for Fall 2017 NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (Noyce) proposals. This e-mail is to determine your interest and availability in serving as a reviewer of 2017 proposals submitted to the Noyce program.

The Noyce program focuses on the recruitment, development and support of candidates with STEM backgrounds in order to address the critical need for highly effective K-12 teachers of STEM disciplines in high-need school districts. It also provides support for research associated with STEM teacher effectiveness, persistence, and retention in high-need school districts.

* If you or any member of your family is associated with a proposal submitted to the 2017 Noyce program, you may NOT serve as a reviewer.

* If your institution submits a proposal to the 2017 Noyce program, you may NOT serve as a reviewer. (If you do not know if your institution will be submitting a proposal to this program, you are welcome to indicate your interest in reviewing and then decline to review later if a proposal has been submitted from your institution.)

If you are interested (and the preceding prohibition does not apply to you), then please complete the information in the Noyce Survey Monkey at by September 1, 2017. Potential panel dates are included in the survey request. Additional information about the 2017 Noyce program and requirements for proposal submission can be found in the 2017 Noyce program solicitation, NSF 17-541, available at

If you complete the potential reviewer survey, we will follow up with you via email in mid-September regarding the use of your services as a reviewer for the Fall 2017 Noyce proposals. The number and focus of proposals received will determine the expertise and the number of reviewers we will need for 2017 panels. We encourage Noyce PIs, experienced NSF reviewers, junior faculty, and new reviewers, among many others, to consider serving as a reviewer in the Noyce program. We value the professional expertise and perspective a diverse group of potential reviewers bring as a service to the STEM education profession, particularly as it applies to the recruitment, development and support of STEM teachers.

Please be encouraged to share this e-mail with your colleagues, including current outstanding K-12 teachers of STEM disciplines, who you believe could serve as excellent reviewers. Because we will send this email to multiple listservs, you may be in receipt of this email more than once.

Thomas D. Kim
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education
Directorate for Education and Human Resources
National Science Foundation
703.292.7855 [office]>