New and Noteworthy Paper Nominations Due August 1st

Hi Chemistry Education Community,

            Have you read a chemistry education research paper in the last year that changed how you think about research or practice? Such a paper might add nuance to how you think about the assets students bring to the classroom, or suggest large-scale policy changes that are needed to cultivate more equitable chemistry learning spaces. If you can think of a landmark paper in our field, that was published in the last year, please suggest it for inclusion in the New and Noteworthy Symposium! This symposium, which is sponsored by Chemical Education Research Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, is meant to highlight the best new scholarship in our field. Authors of papers selected for inclusion in this symposium will be invited to present at the 2023 Spring Meeting of the ACS in Indianapolis, IN.

            To nominate a paper for the New and Noteworthy Symposium, please provide a pdf file copy of a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal and a brief statement of why the paper is new and noteworthy based upon the quality and impact of the theoretical/conceptual framework, research question or problem, design of the study, analysis and overall contribution to the field. Only one paper per first author will be accepted for nomination. Self-nominations are welcome. Submissions of two or more articles will not be considered. Send the pdf file of the paper and nomination statement to:

Ryan Stowe
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Department of Chemistry

 Deadline for the receipt of nominations midnight on August 1st, 2022. 

Review of nominated papers will be completed an announced in early fall before the deadline for submission of an abstract to the Division of Chemical Education for the Indianapolis ACS National Meeting. All authors invited to present paper at the New and Noteworthy Symposium must be registered for the ACS Meeting in order to participate.

 Kind regards,