Please share with high school chemistry teachers -- IUPAC chemistry teacher survey

Dear CER Colleagues,

IUPAC has funded an international effort (so far over 50 countries and over 25 languages) to learn from high school chemistry teachers in as many countries in the world as possible how they are teaching about green and sustainable chemistry. The effort has received ethics review permission. Filling the survey is anonymous. Teachers who fill the survey can also optionally (and separately) share non-anonymous resources of laboratory chemistry activities for teaching about green and sustainable chemistry. These resources will all be posted on a website for chemistry teachers worldwide to access for free and the teachers who post resources will be recognized for their scholarly contributions.

Please share this email with high school chemistry teachers in the US (or your own country if you are outside the US and receive this), and we also encourage chemistry teachers to share the survey with their high school chemistry teacher colleagues.

Any of these links can be used to complete the survey (the first question on the survey is which country) and there is also a QR code attached --

Full URL:

Shortened URL: (case-sensitive, no capitals)

Or the survey can also be accessed from the project website (the big blue start survey button):

Here is the project website if teachers are interested in learning more:

and it is another way the survey can be accessed.

The project is coordinated out of Deakin University in Australia. I am serving as the US coordinator and am happy to answer any questions and/or refer to the coordinators.

Thank you,

Hannah Sevian
Professor of Chemistry
University of Massachusetts Boston