Recruiting Participants for The chemistry and mathematics introductory large-enrollment courses forum

Prof. Odeleye and colleagues would like to invite you to apply to participate in a workshop geared towards equipping math and chemistry educators with tools to carry out quality research in their large-enrollment courses. 

If you typically teach a large-enrollment chemistry or mathematics course (100+ students), seek to improve student engagement in your course, and enjoy collaborative research, this opportunity is for you!

This NSF-sponsored project aims to bring together mathematics and chemistry educators who teach large-enrollment courses to increase these individuals' capacity to produce sound, high-quality research. Groups of two researchers from eight institutions (16 total participants) will be recruited to attend a pre-conference workshop, a main conference, and a post-conference workshop. Each gathering will be centered on preparing a research plan, including research questions, methodology, and data analysis. This project will provide opportunities for participants to discuss obstacles to engagement faced in large-enrollment courses across different institutions. 

Participants will also receive resources and connections to continue their professional development and challenge their teaching and creative activity and research ideas. This project hopes to enhance collaborations with faculty from not only different disciplines at different institutions but also from various backgrounds. In addition to promoting diversity in different fields and backgrounds, this project will also help increase the participants’ capacity to produce high-quality research, which will, in turn, help increase participation and retention of students in STEM fields, especially in early-college mathematics and chemistry large-enrollment courses. Participants' research projects, as well as conference evaluation, will generate knowledge about engagement in STEM large-enrollment courses and will inform future conferences and workshops.

To apply, please contact Dr. Odeleye at:

Participants are required to attend all three segments of the forum (pre-conference – Nov 5th (Zoom), main conference (in-person) and post-conference (Zoom)). The in-person forum will be held in Morgantown, WV (closest airport is Pittsburgh) from Dec 2nd – 4th. All expenses will be paid by the organizers. 

For more information, please visit our website: or contact the organizers. 

Thank you!

/ Oluwatobi (Tobi) Odeleye, Ph.D.
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