Recruiting undergraduates with depression in active learning

Dear college science instructors,


We are biology education researchers from Arizona State University conducting a study to better understand the experiences of undergraduates with depression in active learning college science courses. Given that so many of our students struggle with mental health, we hope to ultimately create more inclusive science classrooms for these students. 


If you teach an active learning science course, defined as a science course that integrates activities and/or discussions to engage students in their learning, we ask you to please consider inviting eligible students in your class (regardless of your class size) to participate in our study.  Students with depression will be invited to participate in a 15 minute survey and they will have the option to enroll in a drawing to win an $100 gift card in exchange for their time.  We will close the survey on May 6st, 2024. The survey will ask about their experiences in active learning science courses given their depression. Students’ names will not be linked to their survey responses; any identifying information will remain confidential and will not be used by the research team in dissemination of the research results.


Thank you in advance for considering.  We know that you are all really busy and appreciate your help as we try to make undergraduate learning spaces more inclusive!

If interested, please email PhD student Jynx Pigart at and she will send you a recruitment script to circulate to your students.

Thanks for considering!

Jynx Pigart, PhD student

Katelyn M. Cooper PhD, assistant professor

School of Life Sciences

Arizona State University

Lab website