Research Assistant Professor for First-year Research Immersion, Binghamton University

*The First-year Research Immersion program at Binghamton University seeks
to hire a Research Assistant Professor to lead its new Drug Discovery
research stream. *

The First-year Research Immersion (FRI) program at Binghamton University
invites applications for a one-year renewable, full time Research Assistant
Professor (also known as the Research Educator) position, to begin August
2023. This is a unique 10-month non-tenure track faculty position that
directly combines teaching and research. This position is for the FRI
program's new Drug Discovery research stream (open to Ph.D.'s with
pharmaceutical science and/or biochemistry background). More detail about
the FRI program is available at our website:

FRI Drug Discovery is a new research stream in the FRI program with a focus
on transforming new biological discoveries into therapeutic agents that can
positively impact human health. The Drug Discovery research stream is
specifically focused on identifying new drug leads that can be used for the
treatment of human diseases. The stream will employ methods such as
high-throughput screening, in silico screening, and molecular modeling to
identify “hits” from large compound collections. These hits will be
evaluated in various binding assays and functional assays in order to open
up new avenues for drug discovery and development. Projects are performed
in close collaboration with faculty in the School of Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences (L. Nathan Tumey, Mohammed Ali, Tony Davis, and
Tracy Brooks) and in the Department of Chemistry (Ming An). The long-term
goal of our work is to develop new treatment options for cancer, autoimmune
disorders, and infectious diseases.

The position is formally advertised at Binghamton University’s Interview
Drug Discovery Research Educator

*Megan Fegley, Ph.D.*
*Preferred Pronouns: She, Her, Hers*

*Director of First-year Research Immersion *
*Director of Summer Research Immersion*
Binghamton University
Science 2 Room 257
Phone: 607-777-5525

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