Submit to the #AdvancingEquityinCER symposia series at BCCE!

We are a group of scholars focusing on changing systems to support people instead of changing people to survive systems.

We have designed four symposia and a workshop to address this goal in the context of different BCCE themes. Below is a one-sentence description of what each workshop addresses, who we encourage to apply to, who we encourage to attend, and a link to the more detailed description.

*Classroom Practice and Learning Environments*

Moving towards anti-deficit framing in our research and practice

Seeking: Researchers and practitioners who bring anti-deficit framing into their research and practice.

Audience: High School, Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Other


Non-Dominant Culture in Chemistry

Seeking: Researchers and practitioners that bring non-dominant cultures into chemistry classrooms.

Audience: High school, Undergraduate chemistry


*Professional Development*

Building Momentum for Systemic Change

Seeking: Projects and practices that focus on equity by addressing systemic issues within institutions in order to shift the focus away from deficit framing. Includes instructor training, pedagogy development, career counseling, and more.

Audience: Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education


*Assessments and Research Methods*

Questioning Objectivity

Seeking: Research that subverts majoritarian perspectives of meritocracy, positivism, “data that speak for themselves,” “standardized” assessment, and Critical research.

Audience: High School, Undergraduate, Graduate Educators and Researchers


When registering, look out for:

QuantCrit Workshop: Equity Centered Quantitative Methods

Seeking: Researchers interested in learning how to apply Critical theories to quantitative methods.

Audience: Graduate Education, Other


We look forward to seeing you at the BCCE!

The #AdvancingEquityinCER Team:

Vanessa Ralph, Stephanie Werner, Morgan Howe, Jeff Spencer, Paulette Vincent-Ruz, Chrissy Stachl, and Katy Hosbein


*Kathryn Hosbein, PhD *(*she/her/hers*)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Chemistry - Shultz Group

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor