Survey for Teaching-focused Chemistry Faculty

Dear Chemistry Colleagues:

We wish to learn about the responsibilities of teaching faculty members and how their positions differ (i) from research-focused positions, (ii) by institution, and (iii) across the nation. If you are employed in a teaching-focused position in the field of chemistry, we strongly urge to complete the survey linked below. Feel free to forward this email to colleagues. The IRB approved cover letter can be provided. To obtain the link to the survey please contact Dr. Michelle Richards-Babb ( 

Results from this study will contribute to a national database of expectations for teaching-focused positions that will inform graduate students, chemistry chairs, and administrators. If you do not feel comfortable answering certain demographic or salary questions, please leave them blank. Most text entry questions are NOT required but we would appreciate as much information from you as possible. Some questions are required.

Definition: Teaching faculty members have primary responsibilities in chemistry teaching (>50% of time devoted to lecture and/or laboratory teaching) and limited or no time devoted to research/scholarship OR a teaching load that is higher than faculty members in positions focused on research at your institution and within your department.

Thank you! We appreciate your assistance with this important survey.



Michelle Richards-Babb, Ph.D.

Professor, C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry

West Virginia University


Tobi Odeleye, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry

West Virginia University


Jack F. Eichler, Ph.D.

Professor of Teaching, Chemistry Department

University of California - Riverside