CER Mail List

The Chemical Education Research mail list (formerly cer@listserv.miamioh.edu) has been converted to this web site. The functionality of the listserv sending email submitted to all members subscribed to the list is maintained. All mail list submissions are moderated so that only approved submissions are sent out to the list (published).

Only those who subscribe to the list can receive email from the list and submit email to the list. To subscribe to the list create an account at this site (requires your first name, last name, and email address). Your account will be reviewed by a site administrator. If approved, you will be sent an acknowledgment email. Once you have validated your email address (by clicking the link in the acknowledgemnt email) and are approved by an administrator, you should begin to receive email from the list and be able to submit email to the list.

Submission to the list can be made in two ways. You can send an email to cer@chemedx.org or you can create a new mail list entry using a form at this site. In order to use the form, you need to have logged in to your account. All submissions to the list are moderated for suitability of content. Until approved by a moderator, your submission is unpublished and will not appear at the site or be sent to list members. Once a moderator approves your submission, it will be displayed at the site and sent to all members of the list.

To unsubscribe from the list, send an email to cer@chemedx.org with your request. A moderator or site administrator will unsubscribe your account and you will no longer receive email or be able to submit to the list. Alternatively, log in at the this site and cancel your account.